Tuesday 20thNovember

A total of four bridges were closed in London this weekend, as the ‘Extinct Rebellion’ protested for environmental changes on Saturday 17thNovember 2018. It has been reported that over 6,000 people attended the protest, and 70 people were arrested for blocking the road during the process.

FORWARDER’s Editor, Rachel, witnessed the event whilst passing through London.

“I walked through the crowds that filled Westminster Bridge. The whole bridge was closed to traffic, and people were walking down the road of the bridge freely. Protesters were stood with signs that read “FOSSIL FUEL FREE FUTURE” and ““Stop Climate Breakdown”. After the event, I saw Instagram posts from YouTube and social media influencers, Jack and Finn Harries (@JackHarries & @FinnHarries) who attended the event. They seemed passionate and positive with the outcome of the protest”.

The protest was in aid of climate change, and the purpose of the protest was in hope to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

More information on fossil fuel reduction can be found in the upcoming issue 35 of FORWARDER magazine.

  Rachel Jefferies, Editor,

FORWARDER magazine