• Logistics specialist delivers shipment 600 miles, across UK/France border, within 20 hours
  • Within one hour of enquiry, Priority Freight completed customs papers, organised high value insurance and had a driver on site to collect the goods
  • Valuable package containing 300 semiconductor chips driven from Birmingham to Le Mans
  • High-tech transport management system and professional support network facilitated rapid response

Priority Freight has once again employed its expert service and unrivalled time-critical logistics to help a vehicle manufacturer who faced production line delays due to a shortage of semiconductor chips. Within one hour of the initial enquiry, Priority Freight had secured a driver and van, arranged ferry crossings, completed customs paperwork, organised high-value transport insurance and collected the goods from Manchester. Within less than 20 hours, the 50kg package of semiconductors worth £110,000 arrived safely at the Le Mans production facility.

Chip shortages are commonplace among the automotive industry at present and manufacturers are often required to go to extreme lengths to source available chips and keep production lines operational. This was the case for one manufacturer who urgently needed to transport 300 chips from Manchester to its production site in Le Mans, France.

The manufacturer approached Priority Freight for assistance with its logistical challenge, which was compounded by extensive delays at UK ports, new customs procedures and the high-value of the goods in question. Using its professional, bespoke transport management system (TMS) and network of support agents, Priority Freight responded immediately and created a bespoke logistical solution to solve the problem.

While one member of the appointed team worked on sourcing a driver and vehicle, another started the detailed customs paperwork and T1 forms to allow the goods to pass quickly across the border into France. A third expert completed the high value transport insurance required to move the high-value chips in one shipment. With each member of the Priority Freight team working in harmony on their appointed tasks, the driver was equipped with all necessary clearance and insurance and arrived on site to collect the goods within just one hour of the initial phone call.

The package of semiconductors was collected in Birmingham at 13:00, driven to Dover port, crossed the Channel that evening and completed the 600-mile journey to Le Mans arriving by 08:30 the following morning.

This expertly choreographed logistical solution was made possible due to Priority Freight’s in-house team who were able to immediately predict and prepare the paperwork required to ensure a smooth movement of goods through customs. The timely delivery prevented a costly line stop at the Le Mans plant, preserving manufacturing schedules and company reputation.