PML, the global perishable cargo specialist, is celebrating a successful unannounced audit for its packing facility, which has resulted in the company achieving a rating of AA+ under the new BRC Global Standard Issue 8 for Food Safety.

The in-depth audit was carried out over two days and the updated BRC Global Standard for Food Safety takes into consideration new risks and revised legislation and practices intended to improve food safety.

As a leading player in the perishable goods logistics sector, PML provides a packing service at its ideally located Heathrow headquarters, especially designed to follow the important protocols associated with packing temperature sensitive goods.

Commenting on the accreditation, Sales Director Nick Finbow says, “Customers like to access our in-house packing facility as it represents a route to streamlining the supply chain, reducing road miles and cutting CO2 emissions, allowing their goods to pass directly from our packhouse to a regional distribution centre. By minimising the breaks in the supply chain, both the client and the end user can enjoy significant cost benefits, as well as the assurance that the perishable goods have been handled by experts in the field – fully trained and highly experienced in understanding the sensitivities associated with the packing and transport of perishable products. As per the overall company ethos of investing in technology to ensure the business is future perfect, we are continuing to monitor new developments in the packing sector and our packhouse manager visited Fruit Logistica in Berlin this month, to review the latest equipment and innovations entering the market.”