Formerly a drop point for rental customers, the Crēdo™ on Demand network station will service cold chain shipping rentals for the growing Canadian pharmaceutical industry

Pelican BioThermal, the global name in temperature-controlled packaging, announces the opening of a network station in Toronto to service its Crēdo™ on Demand rental program.

“Canada has become one of the leaders in clinical trials in recent years and Toronto is one of its top logistics hubs,” said Dominic Hyde, Vice President of Crēdo on Demand at Pelican BioThermal. “By opening a network station, Canadian clinical trial and life sciences companies now have access to a high performance, flexible rental option for temperature-controlled containers in close proximity to where they develop and innovate.”

Many major pharmaceutical development companies are headquartered in Canada  including Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Gilead, Teva and Apotex. The Canadian pharmaceutical industry is the 10th largest market in the world and by 2021, pharmaceutical sales are expected to reach $25 billion, according to industry analyst GlobalData PLC.

The Toronto network station joins Pelican BioThermal’s growing system of more than 100 network stations and drop points around the world. More than a drop point for Crēdo™ On Demand rental customers, network stations service, refurbish, repair and condition Pelican BioThermal’s reusable Crēdo™ Cargo and Crēdo™ Xtreme shipping containers for reuse.

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Pelican BioThermal is a division of Pelican Products, Inc., which is a portfolio company of Behrman Capital, a private equity investment firm based in New York and San Francisco.