PEKAES, Pangea Member in Poland and a leading logistics service provided, opened a Customs Agency in Białystok, which ensures efficient clearance of imported and exported goods handled by PEKAES distribution network. Its opening stems from growing demand for customs services and the development of cooperation with countries such as Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. The company is already announcing further investments in this area.  

The new customs services location in PEKAES distribution network is a reaction to the Client’s demand. Currently it is possible to make customs declarations in standard procedures in Białystok. PEKAES plans to launch further services in the customs area for Clients in Białystok – first of all simplified procedures and temporary storage warehouse.

“The development of customs services in PEKAES results not only from a constant increase in the number of cargoes entrusted to us by our Clients, but also from expanding cooperation with our business partners from all over Europe within the international general cargo services. Our company provides professional advice, and represents clients before customs authorities and other state institutions, such as SANEPID, WIJHARS. We also provide a number of additional services, such as handling TIR and ATA carnets and security measures for the transport of goods under Community transit procedures,” says Maciej Bachman, President of the Management Board of PEKAES.

PEKAES observes a steady increase in interest in customs services among Clients. At the Customs Agency in Błonie, among other things, diplomatic packages are cleared. In the office in Czechowice-Dziedzice, the company provides export clearance services for goods to the Republic of South Africa, Chile, Afghanistan, as well as electrical equipment to Vietnam, Nigeria, New Zealand and various products to Bahrain.

“PEKAES strengthens its network of Customs Agencies with a view also to the changes that will result from Brexit. We have all the necessary permits and procedures in place necessary to handle the exchange of goods with non-EU countries,” adds Marek Tkaczyk, Director of PEKAES International Network.

The PEKAES Group currently has three Customs Agencies, and additional customs orders are processed also by Maritime Forwarding Departments in Gdynia and Szczecin and the Air Freight Forwarding Department in Warsaw.