Integration of Technology & Data Create Transformative Solution

Parade, the leader in carrier access and the truckload capacity management platform software for freight brokers, announces partnering with Turvo and integrating with Turvo’s Collaboration Cloud and transportation management system (TMS). Together the partners bring capacity management integrated with the Turvo TMS to help freight brokers digitize their operations and deliver the experiences that customers expect in 2022.

“The integration between the Turvo and the Parade gives freight brokers and third-party logistics companies a modern, cloud-based TMS with automated capacity management for higher-margin sourcing and coverage of carriers,” said Scott Lang, Chairman and CEO of Turvo. “This partnership brings together Turvo’s Collaboration Cloud and Parade’s truckload capacity management via its carrier, load board, and marketplace partners.”

“Turvo provides exceptional collaboration functionality for the supply chain,” said Anthony Sutardja, CEO and co-founder of Parade. “Parade’s integration provides data and technology integration to transform a freight brokerage to be digital-first. This digital transformation lets a freight broker book a load online with a click, efficiently using staff without telephone calls. These digital workflows dramatically improve operating margins.”

Adding a TMS and capacity management, Turvo and Parade serve up all the automation logistics service providers need to drive digital transformation. Now, brokers and 3PLs can take their TMS to the cloud and drive connected capacity right to the desk of a carrier sales rep. Using the two systems together helps drive more digital bookings, assists in an increase in carrier re-utilization, and helps generate an increase in margins. Turvo’s flexible, cloud-based TMS acts as a source of critical data for operational improvement.

Brokers continuously aggregate capacity data on their in-network trucking companies and carriers. Automating carrier profile building means less time inputting data into their TMS and makes that TMS more valuable. With robust data, Turvo broker users can book loads in whatever way a carrier does business, whether email, their own white-label portals, or across Parade’s extensive network of partners, carriers, freight marketplaces, and load boards.