Steve Rushton has been appointed as company director of Crown Couriers Limited, having joined the company as General Manager less than a year ago. Steve shares his key insights on navigating through the challenges of the pandemic – prioritising both efficiency and safety for delivery drivers and clients across the UK.  

We’re delighted to announce Steve’s appointment as the company Director. Despite the challenges triggered by the pandemic – the Company has continued to grow and has ambitious plans to expand further. Steve brings with him a wealth of experience in the logistics industry and will be an invaluable contributor to the success of the company’s strategy going forward. 

Tim Seagers, Founder & Managing Director, Crown Couriers

Additional time spent indoors has resulted in a global acceleration in online purchasing and further strain on the supply chain. Many businesses have been unable to keep up with demand – losing opportunities to provide customers with new products and services. Amending business supply chains has been all too common across all sectors this year, with disruption in Chinese parts exports and to large-scale manufacturing across Europe, according to Deloitte’s Resilient Leader Guide.

Implementing alternative supply chain solutions has become an important factor when structuring contingency plans to fulfil consumer demand in the face of  future challenges. 

Steve Rushton, Director, Crown Couriers.

Commencing his role as general manager at the beginning of the first lockdown, Steve has helped the business to adapt its logistics strategy to meet the needs of their variety of clients. From his appointment as the new director, Steve shares the ways in which Crown have optimised and tracked each clients’ supply chain, to swiftly and safely meet the demands of their end customer:

Refine your automation

Even prior to COVID-19, multi-national corporations had seen the opportunity to optimise logistics by integrating a contact-free automated delivery process. By simply removing small but lengthy tasks, such as filling in manifests to confirm proof of delivery (POD), delivery has become seamless with intelligent touchless barcoding technology.

Seeing the triple-bottom-line  

As well as reducing waiting time for your customers and drivers – the touchless technology reduces spread of COVID-19 and ensures that both customers, drivers and warehouse operatives remain safe throughout the process. The speed of the barcoding system also reduces checkpoint queues, and lost revenue accumulated during waiting time. By minimising the waiting time, you also reduce the amount of fuel used, lowering your company’s carbon footprint.

Gamify delivery  

A cost-effective way to make your deliveries quicker with your logistics service would be to add a specific time limit needed for drivers to hit their checkpoints. Incentivising drivers and fleet managers to go the extra mile with a gamified experience adds a new level of job satisfaction by providing them with new goals to aim towards. With quicker journeys, bonuses and levelled awards are added to ensure that delivery KPI’s are being achieved.

Boost real-time visibility  

Managing your fleet becomes more challenging without indications of their location. Using location tracking software in your delivery vans may indirectly communicate that you mistrust your fleet and their professional integrity. Not to mention, the customer tracking experience is integral – with an increased opportunity for package theft with the boom in online purchases; being able to confirm the location of your packages will ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind. Opting for a check point scanning system will direct your fleet to meet their expected arrival time and will also reassure your customers that their packages are on route and ready for immediate collection on arrival.

Being able to provide regular milestone updates that are systemically integrated into the delivery process is a key for functionality for logistics providers.   

Tracking your ROI 

Being able to digitally track your scanning success rate will help you to identify areas in need of improvement. With barcoding, Crown have been able to measure the success rate of time-pressured deliveries so that they can be assured that they are effectively sharing the load.

Providing visibility to our customers’ and to the end consumer is an essential part of assuring clients receive a tangible return on investment.