ColliCare has established its own sales- and operations office in Erith, London.

Key strength lies in the establishment of a comprehensive distribution network throughout the Nordics, positioning us as the premier choice for seamless logistics and transportation.

General services are international freight by sea, air and road to/from Scandinavia, Turkey, Poland, Baltic States, Benelux and Asia. Local services; customs, warehousing and distribution will be in the portfolio.

ColliCare is focused on the total supply chain and has 16 years of experience in delivering smarter logistics solutions.

Through their presence in 13 countries in Europe and Asia, the company has already succeeded in standing out by developing more sustainable logistics solutions for their customers – choosing the greener option.

A new team is in place in the UK to take care of new and existing businesses. Cem Turkdonmez has extensive experience in international logistics, and will be the Managing Director for ColliCare in the UK.

As a challenger in the market, competing with the major players, ColliCare will focus on a high level of quality and service. The vision is to improve customers’ competitiveness through innovative and integrated logistics services of high quality and flexibility.

Cem Turkdonmez: We already have customers and partners in the UK, and are now looking forward to developing this business further. There is great potential within the ColliCare Group and we are confident we will be able to deliver transport and logistics services of interest to UK-based businesses.

Our strongest areas are Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Baltic States and Turkey. Through our departments in China and India, we will also be able to offer unique cost-saving logistics solutions for the UK market.

Ecovadis – for sustainability

ColliCare was awarded the EcoVadis gold medal for sustainable development in both 2021 and 2022 and has committed to set a science-based target, through the Science Based Target Initiative.

ColliCare is a privately owned Norwegian logistics company with a focus on the total supply chain, from manufacturer to end-user.

Source: collicare