The Road Haulage Association is pleased to learn that there’s a good chance that post-Brexit, UK drivers and hauliers will no longer need an insurance ‘green card’ if they’re travelling in an EU member state.

The Department for Transport confirmed this in a letter to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) on 17 May. Although still to be confirmed by the European Commission, if passed it will avoid a huge bureaucratic headache for hauliers, drivers and insurance companies by avoiding the use of green cards and checks at borders.

This comes after the DfT made the decision to remain within the Motor Insurance Free Circulation Zone. An introductory date has yet to be confirmed by the European Commission, but the proposal has been agreed by the Council of Bureaux. The Council has also confirmed it will be able to meet claims involving cross-border issues for UK drivers and hauliers. The European Commission now needs to set the time frame.

RHA policy director, Duncan Buchanan said: “We welcome the clarity the Government is giving on this issue. This is one of hundreds of technical and bureaucratic issues we hope will be resolved in coming months. Clear and simple rules will benefit UK and EU drivers and operators, and we hope negotiations will result in practical solutions the work for all people and businesses.”