NNR has been supporting supply chains in India for many years, and began its own operations in India from the year 2006 with initial offices in Gurgaon, Haryana and Bangalore.

In little over a decade, NNR India has grown substantially, with Gurgaon being the ISC Head Quarters, along with 6 fully operational Branch Offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. To complement those, NNR has 3 sales offices in Ahmedabad, Pune and Cochin. Extended regional operations are supported by associated offices in Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Tuticorin.

NNR is growing steadily in the Indian market and are investing in growth of our employees, infrastructure, technologies, etc, driven by current logistics demands. NNR India is fully accredited with ISO 9001-2015 and are registered as MTO (Multimodal Transport Operators) along with IATA and FIATA certification.

We have an excellent team of 150 hardworking professionals, all focussed on a single goal – providing best logistics support to all the customers. We are excellent in providing value added services to our customers and provide them tailor made solutions. NNR’s area of expertise is not confined to just Air and Ocean cargo forwarding, satisfying a multitude of requirements, including;

  • Air & Ocean Consolidation
  • Re-Export & Re-Import shipments
  • Hazardous goods movement
  • Customs clearance
  • Warehousing [Haz & non-haz, bonded & non-bonded, Free Trade]
  • Special services; Aero engines, Exhibitions, Packing [picking, palletising, vac pack]

NNR India are catering to a broad range of industry sectors, especially; Capital Equipment, Heavy Machinery, Chemicals, Industrial Valves, Optical Fibres, Machine Tools, Bearings, Electrical Panels, Tyres, Food grade & cosmetic colour, Adhesives and so on.

In Northern & Western India, the Indian Government is developing its new project called DMIC (Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor) which is planned as a high-tech industrial zone spread across six states within North & West region. Gujrat which comes under DMIC in the Western India has seen lot of investment from foreign companies, particularly from some of the biggest automobile manufacturers. Such foreign companies generally have their Administration in Delhi but their trading or manufacturing units are in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. Foreseeing this development, NNR Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Delhi offices have joined forces in working together to satisfy those customers; naming it as NNR’s DMSC (Delhi-Mumbai Sales Corridor). NNR DMSC Team are bridging the gap between 2 different states and are supporting customers with all kinds of logistics needs.

Going to the South of India, the region is well known for their specific industries. Chennai is a huge area for the automotive sector, where NNR Chennai partner a large number of automobile and part manufacturers. NNR Chennai is also supporting big valve manufacturing industries, also centred in the region.

Bangalore is well known for its IT sector and research & development capabilities. There are many software, hardware, chipset and R&D companies present that NNR is supporting, being highly experienced in that sector also, recently managing projects for new-build factories for large chip manufacturing and testing companies. Our vastly experienced warehousing team supported the on-site logistics throughout, including unloading & un-packing at factory and erection of machines to the designated area, bonding & de-bonding of shipments.

Further on from Bangalore is Hyderabad, which is renowned for the Pharmaceutical sector. NNR Hyderabad is involved in handling logistics of pharma manufacturing machines and are lending our expertise to local and global Technology and Power Plant manufacturing companies. NNR also provides on-site logistics management with staff placed inside companies for immediate technical logistics support.

To conclude, over the past dozen years NNR India has been growing along with its customers by providing efficiency through optimization. NNR blend traditional customer service and values with hi-tech systems and visibility, working towards our Group moto ‘Connecting your dreams’.

Manish Singh, Managing Director, NNR India