When it comes to warehousing and storage, NNR Global Logistics has thrown down a firm marker, branding themselves as the go-to-guys for all your stowing needs. Both in the UK and in the Polish national city of Warsaw, NNR Global have been detailed in their planning and execution of warehousing operations, making them a role model to follow for other companies.

NNR has warehousing and logistics all over the world. Virtually every key trading area of the world has an NNR warehousing solution. When it comes to storage in the UK, they have easy access to London and all business regions around the UK within reach on the same day. With flexible facilities on a long or short-term basis, they can accommodate all warehousing needs in the UKs capital, all coupled with the fact all customers can check stock, give disposals and arrange distribution via web-browser, whilst sitting in the comfort of their own office.

NNR’s quick route to London from their Northampton base is evidently a thriving success, as they currently are at 75% capacity, and with the full range of support to their customers such as palletizing, flashing, foiling, labelling, co-packing, re-packing and more it really isn’t a surprise. With the easy connections for NNR providing these services, and being able to get to London and several other key ports in the UK, make this a no brainer for all your British storing needs.

Meanwhile, in Eastern Europe, Poland is dominating the warehouse and storage game. NNR’s current facilities, located just outside Warsaw, are currently operating at 90% capacity, and offer some of the same amazing benefits as their UK counterparts. Regular connections by rail and road from, and to the Polish ports of Gdansk & Gdynia, an 8-hour turnaround for distribution to all corners of Poland and an excellent consolidation point for shipments going further East – into Belarus, Ukraine and Russia is making NNR the standout logistics company for warehousing and storage in Eastern Europe.

With all NNR’s locations individually hand-picked to offer the best value for money, high security on each site as standard, standard and specialised equipment for loading, visibility, efficiency and flexibility through their UK and Eastern Europe means you would be foolish not to check out some of the best services on the market.