International shipping software specialist SmartFreight has partnered with OSSM Cloud Solutions, the Dublin-based Oracle NetSuite solution provider, to launch its new SmartFreight NetSuite Connector, an integrated freight management solution designed for businesses using multiple carriers for their shipping needs.

Oracle NetSuite is the fastest growing cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in the world which allows organisations to manage all business operations from one platform. The SmartFreight NetSuite Connector will bring freight management into the Oracle NetSuite platform, enabling companies to seamlessly choose the optimal delivery option for all their shipping needs.

SmartFreight is part of the WiseTech Global group, a leading developer and provider of software solutions to the logistics industry globally with customers including more than 8,000 of the world’s logistics companies across 130 countries. More than 300 organisations across the UK and Ireland are already using the SmartFreight platform, which is particularly suited to distribution, e-commerce and manufacturing businesses.

To offer customers different delivery options – whether they be express or deferred, B2B or B2C specialists, or based on geographical destination – businesses often use multiple carrier systems to maximise cost and service efficiency. The SmartFreight NetSuite Connector eliminates the need to access multiple carrier systems by integrating all options into one easy-to-use portal. Once a shipment has been processed, the consignment number, carrier details and price for that shipment are automatically sent back to Oracle NetSuite, giving businesses all the information they need to efficiently deal with customer service queries.

The platform automatically selects the optimal shipping choice based on parameters set by the customer such as best price, service time or lowest carbon footprint – saving businesses up to 15% on their overall shipping costs. As the entire shipping process is managed through Oracle NetSuite, it also eliminates the need to educate staff on multiple systems, reducing training costs and enhancing the efficiency of sales and dispatch of orders – and also provides the ideal solution for customers looking to implement a wider ERP solution.

Gavin Warwick, Partnership Manager Ireland, SmartFreight, said: “With continuing market uncertainty, both indigenous companies and global corporations must look to markets beyond the UK to Brexit-proof their business. This partnership creates new opportunities for businesses, enabling them to lower their shipping costs and easily manage the process from a single software platform. E-commerce continues to grow exponentially and the SmartFreight NetSuite Connector provides businesses in this industry, as well as manufactures and distribution companies of all sizes, with a truly global shipping solution.”

Ray Ryan, CEO, OSSM Cloud Solutions, said: “This partnership is mutually beneficial for both OSSM and SmartFreight, while at the same time creating an innovative solution for every business in Ireland and the UK seeking to optimise their sales and delivery systems. A centralised platform for shipping, that integrates seamlessly with existing ERP software, removes what has been a huge headache for businesses. We’re predicting strong demand for this service which will build upon our own recent growth and extend our reach to new markets.”

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