MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations) supply chain specialist Entec International has unveiled a sophisticated new tool that calculates CO2 reduction through supply chain optimisation and can report emission savings delivered to customers as carbon value or credits.

Developed in co-operation with the University of Southampton, the new improved Carbon Calculator uses real-time logistics data to optimise CO2 emission through shipment consolidation.

University of Southampton Masters student, Thi Hong Ngoc Dang, who is studying Business Analytics and Management Sciences, worked closely with Entec to assess how the benefits of shipment consolidation could be achieved, assessed and quantified across ground, sea and air modes; then building an optimisation/decision making model to calculate cost and CO2 savings from data provided by Entec.

Mike Robinson, director at Entec, says, “Awareness of sustainable development has continued to rise rapidly in recent years and businesses are starting to pay more attention into their environmental impact. As a Supply Chain Integrator, Entec is proud to be at the forefront of developing solutions to help our customers eliminate excessive emissions and demonstrate their ‘green’ credentials, as well as saving costs. Our investment in this new tool to evaluate and improve the carbon footprint of supply chains further demonstrates our own commitment to environmental sustainability.”

This is the first partnership project between Entec and the University of Southampton.