Neutral Air Partner has recently started a partnership with Cargo iQ, reflecting both organizations’ commitment to quality and efficiency in the air cargo sector.

Cargo iQ is an IATA interest group formed by stakeholders of the air cargo supply chain working together to set standards and improve quality and performance in the sector. With a focus on enhancing end-to-end supply chain transparency, Cargo iQ’s main projects involve the standardization of processes and the implementation of quality benchmarks.

One of Cargo iQ’s main features is its advanced visibility functions, which provides real-time insight into the movement of shipments from its planning stage using a “route map”, which is shared by the airline and the freight forwarder at all times. Cargo iQ’s route map enables forwarders to monitor air cargo movement, receive real-time replanning information as well as exception handling alerts.

Cargo iQ’s visibility function is also available to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), a program tailored to meet the unique needs of smaller businesses. This program provides access to Cargo iQ’s route map at a tailored price for their scale and with simplified onboarding.

Because of this new cooperation between Neutral Air Partner and Cargo iQ, we have jointly brought even more air cargo industry stakeholder, regardless of size and volume handled, to work in a true partnership towards improved process and data quality. Enhancing quality, visibility and reliability is one of the key requirements, voiced by the shippers and their associations.” – Lothar Moehle, Executive Director of Cargo iQ

At Cargo iQ we see huge potential to provide Neutral Air Partner members with shipment planning visibility throughout the cargo journey. Our standards allow companies to know exactly how and when their shipment in planned to go through each step of the journey, from Freight on Hand (FOH) to Delivery (DLV).” – Laura Rodríguez, Manager Implementation for Cargo iQ.

As the industry continues to navigate challenges and embrace opportunities, Neutral Air Partner and Cargo iQ’s partnership sets a precedent for future collaborations that prioritize efficiency and reliability within the air cargo industry.

“We are excited to partner with Cargo iQ, aligning with our shared commitment to elevate standards in the air cargo sector. This collaboration enhances our services, providing essential visibility and efficiency for our members. Together, we set a precedent for future collaborations prioritizing transparency and reliability in air cargo.” – Christos Spyrou, CEO of Neutral Air Partner

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