As the head of NNR UK’s Ocean product, I’m often asked, ‘What makes us different?’ Think of NNR as the ‘John Lewis’ of international transport – not just a provider of reliable products with unparalleled customer care, but a complementary extension to your team. In the realms of logistics, the decision-making process should consider attributes beyond purely selecting a vendor; it’s about choosing long-term partners to enhance your supply chain, who fully comprehend your business ethos and ambition.

The Ever-Changing Landscape

We’re encountering new challenges after the rapid escalation and subsequent decline in freight rates, especially as spot rates on the Asia-Europe trade have dropped below pre-pandemic levels. The sector is braced for difficulties ahead, marked by weakened demand and an influx of newly ordered vessel capacity set for deployment. Projections indicate a substantial 27% expansion in TEU capacity between 2023 and 2025. 

Ocean carrier schedule reliability, globally, saw a modest improvement of 1.2% in September / October 2023, peaking at 64.4%. On a year-to-year level, schedule reliability in October 2023 was 12.6 percent higher. The schedule reliability for the Asia to North Europe trade lane decreased by -0.9 percentage points month-on-month in September/October 2023, reaching the same level of performance at 64.4%.
Source: Sea-intelligence

Navigating such choppy waters in the coming years will demand skilful and robust financial acumen and the guidance of trusted advisors, delivering optimal solutions. In this dynamic journey, we have key principles that define our commitment to excellence:

1 Stability

In an era where economic ripples cause waves of uncertainty, the financial robustness of a logistics partner is non-negotiable. Beyond mere numbers, understanding corporate values, corporate social responsibility and future strategies becomes the commercial compass.

Originally established in 1908 in Fukuoka, Japan, the NNR group has since grown considerably into the global organisation it is today.

This rich history not only signifies our enduring commitment but also showcases the stability, resilience and innovation required to navigate successfully through the period of greatest change in modern history.

Our financial standing is the strength and stability that underpins our operations globally and testament to our long-term approach.

$4 billion in annual revenue for the entire Nishitetsu group
$1.2 billion in annual NNR global revenues
$100 million in annual UK revenues

Such financial security is the foundation that enables us to weather economic challenges and provide steadfast support to our partners.  

2 Consistency

NNR Global Logistics boasts a strong global reach with a local touch, supporting customers from a network of NNR facilities in almost 150 locations worldwide. Our extensive network, coupled with trusted partnerships, ensures comprehensive coverage across the globe.

3 Longevity

At the core of NNR’s operations lies unwavering integrity, forming the foundation of our reputation for delivering confidence, comfort and enjoyment on a daily basis. 

NNR’s company policy of ‘Kaizen’ means
constant and continual improvement.

Our ethos of ‘Kaizen’ creates a solid foundation for best business practices built on trust that millions of satisfied customers enjoy today.  

4 Transparency

Recognising the complexities of ocean cargo, our seasoned and experienced trusted advisors, emerge as expert navigators in this vast sea of logistics. Transparent, responsive, and pragmatic, they keep a vigilant eye on carrier performance, sharing market challenges and impending changes; ensuring your cargo journey is smooth and predictable.

5 Efficiency

NNR is committed to supporting businesses by delivering efficient products, emphasising that the ‘cheapest’ price often conceals the hidden costs of sub-standard service. Prioritising quality over cost prevents potential reputation damage due to inflated expenses downstream.

6 Sustainability

NNR takes responsibility towards reducing our carbon footprint and that of our customers. Utilising Ultra-Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (ULSFO) is fairly standard and Bio-Fuels is also an obvious, yet often pricey option too. Optimising transport routes and routines can deliver cost-effective, significant reductions in environment impact. Such options include rail-based final mile solutions that can deliver carbon reductions of as much as 75%.

7 Integrity

Maintaining continuity during challenging times, NNR values long-standing partnerships built on mutual understanding, loyalty, and respect – honouring commitments to customers, suppliers, communities, and the environment. Our culture contributes significantly to the success we enjoy and is vital for the continued success of NNR and our customers.

Janette Page, Head of Ocean Development, NNR Global Logistics UK