New York based National Cargo Bureau (NCB) has acquired the Exis Group companies, including Exis Technologies. For over a decade the two organisations have been working together in containerised dangerous cargo management, most recently in the development of Hazcheck Inspections, a new web-supported container cargo inspection tool. 

“This is a natural partnership of two organisations committed to delivering cargo safety for containership operators. We at NCB have provided dangerous goods and hazmat technical expertise to government and the industry since 1952 while Exis Technologies have just marked 30 years as the leading global supplier of dangerous cargo software. The combined operation will have the resources, expertise and global reach to better support customers in the critical area of containerised cargo regulatory compliance, training, safety and loss prevention in promotion of our mission of ‘Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea’.”

Ian Lennard, NCB President

“NCB have many years of expertise and experience in vessel and cargo handling safety, which will be complemented by our own track record and position in developing dangerous goods management software and e-learning for the majority of containership operators. With our combined resources we are looking forward to delivering even better systems and support to our customers.”

James Douglas, Exis Technologies Director

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