Full launch of mySamskip brings transformative cargo management capabilities for European multimodal shippers
Samskip has launched mySamskip, an integrated customer portal developed to ensure that the growing number of customers using its European multimodal network secure the benefits digitalisation brings to the supply chain.

Sebastian Cornea, who has headed the Samskip IT initiative, says mySamskip offers transformative capability for shippers, and turns contact between the customer and shortsea, rail, inland waterway, and road haulage services into a real-time relationship.

Currently, many clients either do not have or do not want to have an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration as part of their business processes and continue to favour email. Inevitably, booking cargoes and follow up enquiries therefore involve waiting for a response.

“With mySamskip, the multimodal client accesses a comprehensive platform, covering everything from online booking and instant confirmation, to order editing, user-friendly formats to upload declaration documents, real-time service updates and invoicing,” says Cornea. “As an account administrator, the client can also set or restrict user rights for different parts of its organisation and third parties.”

The data entry mis-steps that often occur in the email chain are eliminated, while customers can access up to date information on cargo status, vessel/train times and even equipment availability, he adds. A live chat function means the user can also call on Samskip specialists throughout working hours to answer queries in real time.

“Using mySamskip puts the client firmly in control,” says Jillus van den Engel, Business Process Analyst, Samskip. “The user can access comprehensive, live information at any time of the day or night, including delivery/pick-up time estimates. In most cases, the portal alone offers shipper everything they need to manage the entire shipment. This means greater levels of personal attention for exceptional cargoes or specific delivery issues.”

Van den Engel adds that a limited pilot version of mySamskip was fast-tracked for Samskip’s shortsea container shipping customers using UK-North Continent services to take the stress out of post-Brexit customs clearance and other documentation needs at the turn of 2020/21.

“There was a specific need to make sure that mySamskip was available for Brexit so that our customers could submit customs documentation in a timely way and uphold their responsibilities on VGM (Verified Gross Mass) and hazardous goods,” he says.

“With mySamskip, we bring more clarity and speed to cargo management process and ensure that the digitalisation expectations of an important part of our clientele are met. I am sure that the ‘where’s my cargo’ track, trace and reporting capability that we have already planned for mySamskip will also become highly interesting to our larger clients.”