Salmon producer Mowi Chile will implement the first carbon neutral salmon routes through LATAM Group’s “Fly Neutral” compensation program, thus becoming a pioneer in carbon footprint compensation in the field of air transportation.

The agreement between Mowi Chile and LATAM Cargo will allow the salmon farmer to compensate approximately 13% of its total CO2 emissions, equivalent to reducing the yearly emissions of nearly 4,500 cars.

In reference to this agreement, Alvaro Perez, Mowi Chile’s Licenses & Environment Manager, said “we studied the program and decided to join in, since reducing our carbon footprint is one of the main objectives in our Corporate Sustainability Strategy “Leading the Blue Revolution”. We have made significant progress in reducing our emissions in the different stages of our operation, and we are particularly happy to introduce it into our sales and distribution channels through the “Fly Neutral” program.”

LATAM Cargo’s “Fly Neutral” program gives its customers the possibility to select the alternative of their choice from a project portfolio to compensate the emissions generated by air transportation. Through this collaborative approach, LATAM seeks not only to compensate a larger number of emissions, but also to increase the benefits for the projects chosen by our customers. Thus, for each ton of CO2 compensated by a customer, the Group will compensate another ton.

The project selected by Mowi to compensate its carbon footprint is Luz del Norte Photovoltaic Solar Park, which is located in the Atacama Desert and is considered the largest photovoltaic facility in Chile and South America. The energy produced by the project satisfies the energy needs of over 170,000 households and reduces more than 185,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year.

“We are very pleased with this first agreement with Mowi  as part of the Fly Neutral program, as it underlines LATAM Cargo’s commitment to its customers and the management of CO2 emissions. With a growing portfolio of projects certified by the most stringent quality standards, we hope more and more customers will join this program across our entire network,” said Andres Bianchi, CEO of LATAM Cargo.