The world of freight forwarding is one based on the ideal of connectivity. WCA currently has the largest growing network of independent forwarders,  making them the connectivity kings. Boosting business, saving money and reducing risk is something they promise their current 6,000+ member companies around the world, hence the excitement for many freight forwarders to join them and start networking with independents all over the world.

WCA has an encompassing global link that reaches out to engaging freight forwarders. This is encapsulated in the 10th Anniversary of their Worldwide conference in Singapore, an incredible and lavish thank you to the members that make the network possible, as well as a great place to meet compatible partners and share ideas.

The network currently has more logistics might than many of the biggest multinationals and this is because of the dedicated members across the globe interlinking and coming together to create a truly unique system. We spoke to both younger, and more experienced members of WCA, to understand exactly how they benefit from the connected culture of WCA and why they find it so valuable.

What excites you about WCA

The fact that WCA is, in the main, ahead of the curve. The most emotional answer is the conferences. They are incredibly well organised, making maximum use of ones’ time with a huge amount of business exchanged. The other exciting part is what’s coming next! WCA provide a complete range of tools to enhance and protect your business.

The big one for us is the payment protection scheme, it allows us to trade with a new member in the comfort of knowing we will be paid. Cost savers like Partner Pay and additional protection such as Cyber insurance to name but a few.  It means we can truly focus on the growth of our business.

Nikki Hall, Business Development Manager – Overseas Network, Embassy Freight Services
BIFA Young Freight Forwarder of the Year 2016

When speaking to current CEO of WCA, Dan March, he explained to FORWARDER the excitement surrounding member connection, and the untold benefits that this then opens up for them:

Coming up with solutions and products that add value to a company, helping them expand and compete creates immense satisfaction for all of the WCA support staff.

There is a bit of an unchartered sea for many within the forwarding world, with the likes of Brexit looming near. How has WCA calmed these waters?

The membership is a ‘known commodity’. Through the conferences and regular communication, we are working with partners we know personally…. better, I believe, than stations within a multi-national that do not know one another or care to support one another.  This is a community that works hard to support one another on each end.  This brings a great deal of comfort knowing that your customer and his/her business will be well taken care of.

John Ford, President, CaribEx

What attracted you to WCA?

WCA is a professional network, all the staff are at your service (ERWIN, MONICA, ANDREW, KAITLYN, PRAJAKTA, MEOW, CHARLES…) they help you with every request you ask for. The facilities to contact different members around the world, the financial protection offered is really an advantage for us, the WCA Partner Pay (fast and effective) helps us avoid risk on the different transfers between members, but the most important is that WCA helps you to meet other persons from all over the world and build friendships between members.

Saber LABIDI, Operations Director, EPSP

How has the network enriched your career and supported your company?

WCA has helped me acquire a lot of experience in such a small period. Bansard gave me the opportunity to be the key contact of the group for WCA,and to attend the annual conference to represent the company, which is a big challenge. It allows me to travel a lot by visiting worldwide partners and learn about new markets thanks to people I met all along. Bansard was specialized mainly in the Asia-Europe trade but since we joined WCA it has given us many new possibilities and we have since increased our volume, opened several offices and became a key player in the industry.

Jean-Andre MASSIDA, Business Development Director, Bansard International

Dan March echoed this sentiment when explaining exactly how competitive the current climate is for freight forwarders and how these connected independents can become giant-slayers.

The industry is now very competitive. With close to 100,000 companies striving for business across the globe, businesses need to be able to adapt rapidly to new technologies and techniques. This is promising for the smaller freight forwarding companies as they can add personal touches and continue to impress their clients with direct contact throughout the supply chain. Smaller companies tend to be asset light and therefore can adapt quickly to market changes, leading to a level playing field.

How has the network enriched your career and supported your company?

For me personally, my first conference was in Thailand at the age of 23 and I have attended every conference since.  The network has provided me with the invaluable opportunity to meet so many professional people from different cultures and backgrounds and learn from them, exchange ideas and develop lasting partnerships and friendships.  The friendship aspect is incredibly important as having logistics experts whom you can rely on and trust to provide reliable solutions, and who will work incredibly hard to ensure that our clients products are transported effectively, adds huge value and peace of mind.  I do have to say that the WCA team are brilliant!  They are genuinely dedicated to listening to and assisting the members wherever they can, the support they provide as a team and network is second to none and it is a pleasure to work with them.

Louis Perrin B.A, Director,
Hemisphere Freight Services Ltd
BIFA Young Freight Forwarder of the Year 2017

Not only are the members overjoyed with WCA, David Yokeum, Founder and Chairman reiterates just how important members are, and what it means to be celebrating 20 years of  logistics leadership and 10 years of worldwide networking.

More than 20 years ago, the concept of WCA was just a thought; we had no idea that it would grow into the powerhouse it is today and honestly, it’s a tribute to those original members who entrusted their businesses and reputations to what we were building. The main reason why we’ve been so successful is because we listen to our members, using their feedback to add value to the network. Year-after-year we launch new products, from financial protection to eCommerce networking, to enrich their experience and return on investment.  Our 170+ dedicated staff members have been hand-picked to support all our member companies, ensuring that this vision becomes a reality. This year’s WCA Worldwide Conference is a celebration of our members, when they succeed so do we, and we are incredibly proud of every one of them.

When asking  Mr. March why he thought WCA continues
to prosper after 20 years, he echoed Mr. Yokeum:

The increase, and loyalty, of members has meant that our Annual Conference this year, would be bigger and better than ever. With around 3,000 people throughout the industry networking, and it being the 20th Anniversary, it is an event that brings likeminded people together and allows them to connect in a fun, friendly manner. A gala dinner, fireworks display, and other great highlights are just some of the great ways we reward our members for their loyalty and trust in WCA.