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For those of us who don’t know, what exactly is Transition15?

Transition 15 helps build sustainable high performing teams and strategic partnerships in businesses. Through our results-driven programmes we provide individual, team and company-wide consultation and coaching to help organisations achieve sustained levels of high performance.  By releasing potential, increasing collaboration and dramatically improving team dynamic, we empower individuals and teams to achieve new levels of performance. We also specialise in helping organisations build and maintain successful strategic partnerships.

How have you managed to link your skills and knowledge to the logistics industry?

Working within logistics over the past eight years – technically brilliant people who are focused on process, direction and moving goods from A-B effectively – the main challenge has been the ever-evolving ‘pitch’ of continuous improvement, talent management and innovation.

How has your professional sporting background enhanced your business capabilities? 

To understand the value of collaboration in the workplace, consider my rugby experience playing in world-class, high-level teams.  To win a rugby game, the forwards and the backs all have to excel in their roles.  I certainly appreciated and encouraged production from my teammates who were primarily paid to drive, tackle and scrum the ball forwards.

The value of teamwork is recognised by all players as they work together toward something bigger – the common team goal of winning the game.

Transitioning into the business world, I discovered a direct correlation between these principles and the needs of the workplace.  By recognising and appreciating the value of teamwork and guiding employees to collaborate, our clients are even better equipped to work towards a common, big-picture goal …and sustain their successes.

What companies have you already worked with, and what are the benefits they have seen from Transition15?

Our clients have included Marks & Spencer, Visa, BBSRC, Ringway Jacobs, Novia and Paradigm.

M&S Logistics needed to build trust and high-performance teamwork quickly following the creation of a complex, strategic partnership with four of their competitive, international suppliers.  M&S recognised that, for the partnership to deliver the considerable business benefits they knew it could, the four companies needed to work as one team.

Transition 15 created and co-designed a programme with M&S that developed commitment to the principles of high performance teamwork, a charter of behaviours and a 30-, 60- and 90-day action plan to which individuals and groups were held accountable.  This initiative saved £22m within the first 18 months – and five years later the programme is embedded as part of their supply chain culture.

Bath University Research described this M&S programme as ‘the best example of bringing a company and its suppliers together effectively’ that they had ever seen.

What are your core values within the business?


With the shifting landscape for many within logistics and forwarding, what key advice can you offer anyone frightened by the unchartered seas for both industries?

Brexit has caused uncertainty and significant amounts of ambiguity.  The organisations and logisticians that jump into this paradox and invest in networks and partnerships as a way forward will ultimately survive and thrive.

Why do you think building high-performance teams and strategic partnerships is vital to any company?

Building high-performance teams and strategic partnerships is vital as it…

Reaches team performance levels not previously known
Releases the potential of each individual
Deepens partner relationships
Drives time and cost efficiency
Changes internal behaviour
Minimises risk and maximise opportunities
Reduces time to market
Increases levels of productivity.

In a more digitally connected world of business, how important is communication and teamwork to an organisation?

Teamwork, collaboration and effective communication are inextricably linked to the success of any organisational change.  It’s been repeatedly proven that effective teamwork and communication during change has a direct impact on many organisational outputs like commitment, performance, behaviours, and job satisfaction.  However, if communication and teamwork is not effective, its failure may cause stress, job dissatisfaction, low trust, decrease in organisational productivity and staff absence and turnover.

By emphasising the value of teamwork and the importance of collaboration, employees understand that everyone else can be more effective in their roles when they themselves do a good job – the value of collaboration soon becomes self-evident to everyone involved. Each team member can then see the benefits inherent in giving their personal best in collaborative activities.

As a leader, manager or team member, you can all make an effort to create a better environment for everyone.

What have you found most challenging about working in the logistics sector,
and how have you overcome this?

The highly competitive and constantly challenging environment that exists in this sector.  Customer expectations are increasing greatly.  Individuals and businesses expect to get goods faster, more flexibly and – in the case of consumers – at low or no delivery cost.

Competitor providers are sometimes having to work together in partnership to provide a seamless customer experience yet with profoundly different systems, processes, costs and organisational cultures.

With this in mind, we help organisations and their partners understand how vital collaboration is to organisational or shareholder value.  We help them co-define their collective vision, strategy and goals.  We also guide them towards defining role clarity and more effective communications.
We drive hard on them to deliver specific and accountable action plans to realise their objectives.

Can you explain how your leadership qualities have impacted your own – and others’ – business?

Transition 15’s leadership qualities are based on authenticity, effective problem solving and coaching for success.  This has been reflected in our continual business growth and organic expansion through referral and recommendation.

Predictions for the Six Nations? 

This Six Nations will be the best yet.  Scotland are performing much better, Wales are always a threat at the Principality Stadium, Ireland have the passion to go all the way and England look settled and see Twickenham as a fortress again.  It will probably come down to a 10-minute period where the team who executes at the right time, with the key leaders making intelligent decisions under immense pressure, will come out on top.

Obviously, do not underestimate the flare and unpredictable nature of France – but I will go for England.  They look
very impressive.

Matt’s rugby milestones
pre-Transition 15

  • 12-year career with Bath Rugby
  • 45 test caps with England,
    British & Irish Lions, Barbarians, World XV
  • 11 international tries
  • 3 Six Nations championships
  • 1 Heineken European Cup
  • Sky Sports, BT Sport
    & Eurosport co-commentator
  • Member of Bath Rugby past players
    management team