Tell me how you got into the freight industry?

Initially I took an admin position at a European 3PL, progressed through the ranks and this is where I found a passion for technology and the fast-paced, dynamic environment logistics provides. It’s a people business at heart and being connected to a Global network is a huge draw.

How did the opportunity at CNS arise?

As my interest in technology grew, CNS was the perfect environment for my career to progress, especially given the ambitious plans over the next few years. The expansion into new geographical territories provides an incredible challenge for me to explore.

What have you focused on since joining the business?

I’ve joined the commercial team focusing on CNS’s new customs and cross-border products at a time when their growth strategies are on an ambitious upward trajectory. My role is focused upon engaging the market on our new products, introducing new customers to our technology.

What makes CNS unique?  What sets it apart from your competitors?

Our experience of port community systems across multiple modes of transport in the UK is unique, this has enabled us to grow into new areas both up and down the supply chain – all undertaken with a level of insight and experience, no one else has developed. We can draw upon our parent company [DP World] Global reach, which combined with our know-how make a compelling proposition for anyone looking to achieve efficiencies in their own teams and their supply chain as a whole.

Can you define your company culture?

As much as we are a technology business, we’re also a people business. From the commercial team through to the helpdesk, our aim is to be first in class across the board. This level of customer service is a standard we can only achieve as a team, essentially one unit pulling in the same direction. Whilst we maintain the objective of being considered by our customers and the industry, as ‘best in class’, this can only be achieved with a culture that is bred from close working departments across the company.

How does CNS enable trade in the UK?

Our technology is customer focused. The fact we’re established as a CSP means we’re well versed in connecting people to ports and to relevant Government bodies such as Port Health and HMRC. Through our new technology ventures, we’re enabling automation and digitations of the customs process to enable our customers to be agile, responsive and quicker in their everyday tasks.

What’s the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen?

We are upgrading and developing our technology continuously, however our customs platform, CDMS is undergoing changes to allow for the CHIEF – CDS transition switch to exports later in the year. We are combining this feature with a range of new upgrades – all with the customers UX at the centre of our thinking to simplify the process for our customers and facilitate enhanced compliance. We also have major upgrades to our port community system technology, a revamp to our core business, which means all departments have ramped up communications so we can keep customers and the industry updated.

Which division is thriving the most at the moment?

Across the board we’re entering into an exciting time for CNS. Building on our renowned port community system technology, we’ve expanded by bringing our trade, supply chain logistics experience to develop both customs and cross-border software.

What has been your biggest learning/challenge to date?

Leading growth into new territories. This year CNS will be rolling out our customs and cross-border software into Continental Europe, with our key consideration being to ensure all customers experience the same level of support regardless of language or geographical location.