Monahans Transport, the specialist container logistics operator has taken delivery of two Box Liner container carriers from Krone which, reports the company, are the first to operate from Southampton Port.

Joining Monahan’s vehicle fleet of 26 Euro 6 tractors and accompanying container carriers, the new sliding- bogie skeletal trailers are manufactured by Krone in Europe and designed in Germany with close involvement from the UK sales team to ensure compatibility with the UK and Irish market.

The Box Liner combines features which have been tried and tested over several decades with the latest (KTL) paint application technology and is designed for loading flexibility, hard work and a long working life.

“Our operation requires high quality, versatile equipment which can be used for a range of different sized containers.” Says Director, Mo Hashem. “These sliding bogie trailers can handle single 20’, 30’, 40’, and 45’ containers, two 20’ boxes at once or any standard sized tank. Furthermore, the quick-release twistlocks and compact controls make operation fast and easy – just what our drivers require for a busy pick-up and drop operation.”

Based in Fawley near Southampton, Monahans Transport provides a logistics service for shipping lines and freight-forwarders, which mainly involves collection from Southampton Port for delivery to RDCs and some retail outlets throughout the UK.

Good maintenance is also guaranteed using Monahan’s own dedicated service provider.

“We are a fast-growing container logistics operation” adds Mo “and already in under three years we have expanded rapidly with a reputation for providing modern, reliable and hard-working transport equipment. In this respect, the Krone Box Liner perfectly matches the expectations of our customers in the container transport sector.”