Gary Barraco, Assistant Vice President, Product Marketing at e2open

“Overreliance on a single or limited supply base has never been an effective supply chain strategy. The UK’s dependence on local growers and cost-effective imports from specific regions has gone from benefit to risk, and supermarkets now face a perfect storm as domestic weather warnings now threaten to disrupt UK supply chains even more.

“Going forward, flexibility and agility should be top-of-mind for retailers determining supply chain strategies. Therefore, they would be wise to reassess their foreign base of suppliers and forego the cost-first strategy that has worked for them up to now, and pivot to a security-first approach to ensure a continued, reliable supply of goods to customers across the UK.

“Forecasting future supply levels via an intelligent supply chain platform is critical to ensure the reliable delivery of goods. With these capabilities, organisations can quickly adapt, expand and diversify their network of suppliers if an issue occurs in a specific region, enabling them to balance inventory levels in real time. This level of agility is essential to fulfil orders and prevent passing on the extra expense to cash-strapped consumers amid a cost-of-living crisis.”

Source: e2open