The Road Haulage Association is extremely concerned that migrants at Calais are still causing misery for UK-bound hauliers.

“The latest reports of migrants attacking the French police make us even more afraid for the lives of truckers who just want to do their job,” said RHA chief exec Richard Burnett.

This follows an incident at the Port last week when four police officers were attacked – one being hospitalised after suffering an extremely brutal beating.

These reports clearly show that migrants, acting with the sole aim of reaching the UK regardless of risk, are continuing to jeopardise the lives of drivers and security staff.

Security at Calais has become a money-pit for UK taxpayers who have already contributed over £150 million to improve security at the Port. But the additional measures, such as a 1km long wall costing £2 million, have had only a negligible effect.

Concluding, Mr Burnett said: “It’s very clear that three years on the authorities still haven’t got a grip on the situation but we will continue call on them to deploy sufficient resources to flashpoint areas.

“The UK is paying a very high price for a service that it clearly isn’t getting. If not resolved, the price could be even higher – the life of a UK bound trucker.”