UK’s leading supplier of lighting towers provides eco-lighting for Anglesey’s “Brexit lorry park”


Sales and hire equipment specialist MHM Group has worked in partnership with its customer Illumin8, to provide an eco-friendly lighting solution for Anglesey’s Holyhead truck park.


Holyhead is the UK’s second largest roll-on/roll-off ferry port, sees more than 400,000 freight lorries crossing the Irish Sea every year. The new temporary truck park enables customs, market surveillance and other checks for the passage to and from Ireland. In designing the lorry park, diesel-powered 9m lighting towers would have traditionally been used but in line with green government initiatives an eco-friendlier solution was sought.


MHM Group, which has depots all across the UK, has developed a portable 5.5m solar streetlight model that offers zero carbon emissions. Designed with lorry parks and walkways in mind, the new model includes dusk to dawn sensors and movement detectors for safety and improved surveillance.


In partnership with its hire customer Illumin8, MHM Group initially provided 24 lighting towers units, but due to their benefits a further 20 have been delivered on site to provide a well-lit, noise free and clean environment for lorry drivers.


Brad Ireland, Group Sales Director at Port Talbot based MHM Group, said: “The use of solar battery-powered tower lights can save considerable sums on fuel and repair costs, as well as tons of CO2e compared with standard diesel models. We always pursue the use of renewables to power our equipment, and so we were ready to take on the challenge of lighting a lorry park of this size to meet the government’s drive on sustainable business.


“Over the last two years, we have seen a big increase in our clients’ willingness to change to greener products. This is being driven by a greater understanding of climate change and of people wanting to make a contribution to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.”


Brad added: “It has been incredibly rewarding to see the impact our solar battery lighting towers have had in Anglesey. We aim to help businesses all over the UK achieve sustainable goals including zero emission, lower running costs and reduced noise and we hope that this project will begin a new wave of large-scale facilities like these taking on greener and more efficient practices.


“Here at MHM Group we specialise in the hire to hire market. We do not work directly with contractors or end customers, so it was great to work on this with Illumin8 to find a great solution for their customers’ needs.”


Neil Fenwick of Illumin8 said of the project and collaboration with MHM: “We are always striving to find new and innovate ways of working here at Illumin8, particularly when it comes to reducing our impact on the environment. Collaborating with MHM Group on the Holyhead truck park project has been a brilliant experience and we’re very proud to have found a green, energy-efficient solution for what is set to be a huge platform for the UK trade industry.”


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