Dallas-based supply chain innovators Mercado Labs have teamed up with logistics & supply chain consultancy Trade Facilitators, Inc. to launch a complimentary webinar series designed to educate and up-skill importers around the globe.

Focusing on topical and foundational knowledge, such as Supply Chain Finance for Non-Financial Professionals, as well as industry compliance and standards, such as Incoterms® 2020 Rules, the six-part series will be hosted by Mercado’s in-house education platform – the Mercado Institute of International Trade (MIIT). Each session promises to provide import professionals with the knowledge they need to succeed in a volatile industry.

“With trillions of dollars of inventory manufactured, shipped and sold every year, there’s a massive opportunity for importers to radically transform the way they manage their supply chains. Yet few are able to do so without the right levels of support to help them navigate the complexities of global trade,” said Rob Garrison, Mercado Labs CEO and founder.

“At Mercado, our mission is to enable businesses to do just that. By focusing on the “first mile” – the point from when an order is placed with a supplier, to when it’s received for distribution – we believe we can help importers to not only improve their internal processes but become more competitive, resulting in sharper customer service and improved order management. Our supplementary training and education further enhance this transformation, breathing new life into businesses that have not seen the right levels of support over the years.”

Dan Gardner, Trade Facilitators, Inc. President, said, “We are ecstatic about partnering with Mercado Labs for the simple reason that Rob and his team have always shown a sincere philosophical belief in the importance of continuing education in the workplace. We at Trade Facilitators embrace that same philosophy, and our combined emphasis on shared learning will be reflected in every webinar in the series.”

The six-part, complimentary webinar series will kick off in  late October 2019 with an analysis of the new Incoterms® 2020 Rules and continue throughout December.

For more information or to register for the MIIT Global Trade Webinar Series, write to: contact@tradefacil.com. To discover more about Mercado Labs, visit: www.mercadolabs.com.