I was delighted to appear in the FORWARDER magazine ‘Move it Like’ showcase earlier this year. The opportunity to speak candidly about the success of our company, my influence on that, and the ingredients that contribute to our continued success was appreciated. NNR is a global ‘Premium Brand’ that, although established for over a 100 years in Asia, is not particularly well known in the UK. The feature in FORWARDER magazine offered the stage for us to future promote our business. The moniker ‘secret assassin’ and ‘largest company you’ve never heard of’ no longer suits the brand and size of our global group, therefore features like ‘Move it Like’ in a classy, glossy such as Forwarder Magazine are the perfect vehicle to help change that perception. Now I’ve recovered from the marginal discomfort of a little more attention than normal [!], I can reflect that it provided a strong and personal message that many of our key partners and customers read and responded favourably too.

    Lee Griffiths, NNR

    Daily Groupage Services have enjoyed working with FORWARDER magazine over the last five years. Being featured on the front cover provided a great tool for my sales process and we used the front cover as one of our company brochures when meeting clients. As specialists for Turkey we also found being featured on a regular basis in the publication has generated us numerous leads and added significant value to our growth. We are looking forward to working with the magazine on future service news and promotions.

    Sela Koydengoctu, Daily Groupage Services

    It was fantastic to feature in the FORWARDER magazine ‘Move it Like’ recently. The quality of the article and insightfulness of the questions gave T15 a great opportunity to be seen in the best light possible. We are a young, growing business and this forum has enabled us to promote our value to a wider network, within a sector that is going through significant change. I would summarise FORWARDER magazine as a quality publication that brings networks and partnerships together for the greater good.

    Matt Perry, Transition15

    In 2017 I was proud to be included in the popular FORWARDER feature ‘Move It Like’. As a leading publication in the logistics industry, FORWARDER’s unique feature presented an ideal opportunity to discuss my journey as a global air freight expert and highlight how Ligentia continues to meet our customers’ requirements through customised solutions. I found the process rewarding and my relationship with FORWARDER has continued to develop as my career has progressed to a global role. I would highly recommend being part of a ‘Move it Like’ feature to anyone seeking successful exposure in the logistics industry.

    Lee Alderman Davis, Ligentia
    Cory Brothers

    We’re delighted to work with Craig and FORWARDER magazine. Cory Brothers appreciate the important role that FORWARDER plays in keeping all the major supply chain stakeholders informed, advised and sometimes in check. Craig and the team are clearly motivated, respected and provide relevant insights in a fresh and future-facing way; this is what we look for in our media partners. Congratulations on five years and best wishes for the next five and beyond.

    Mike Bowden, Cory Brothers