Project forwarders considering their New Year’s resolutions should also include their educational fitness.

The one-day  PPG Project Cargo Certificate for Forwarders, 3PLs, Clients and ECPMs masterclass during  Antwerp XL in April will focus on helping attendees build robust new project cargo design capabilities within their organisation. This masterclass also discusses project cargo from the clients and shippers’ perspective.

Course co-ordinator Kevin Stephens said the masterclass discussed the systems that support and enable risk averse decision making when managing multi-modal high value cargos.

“This masterclass is broken up into easy-to-digest modules that support key aspects of organisational wide decision making,” Mr Stephens said.

“Our industry needs to support training that delivers a high-level of educational fitness for all those involved in the transportation of project cargos.

“The focus is on helping attendees learn and develop new thinking. We want you to get the best out of your experience with us and test your learning through exercises delivered as part of the masterclass.

“This will identify where you need to focus your efforts or refresh your learning with feedback on areas you might be good at or need some improvement.

“Now is a great time to register for this education program to give your business a boost.”

Registrations are open for the PPG Project Cargo Certificate for Forwarders, 3PLs, Clients and ECPMs at Antwerp XL on Thursday, 23 April, and includes one-day entry to the exhibition hall.

A 10% Early Bird discount is available for registrations before 1 February 2020.

Registration information, including video testimonials, is available from the PPG website.

Further information Kevin Stephens:

This masterclass offers:

  • The opportunity to engage with expert trainers and ask meaningful questions that help with learning.
  • Better understanding of projects from the shippers’ and clients’ perspective.
  • Practical learning exercises to help solidify learning.
  • Networking with people from the industry you are learning more about.
  • Learning to structure productive business communication.
  • A commemorative graduation certificate on completion of masterclass.