Marinair Cargo Services is amongst the fastest-growing forwarding agents in the global market, with substantial presence in sea, air, logistics and combined transport services. You can be sure that Marinair can support your supply chain as a great partner for your forwarding needs.

Armed with our wealth of experience and expertise, we provide complete ‘one-stop shop’ international transport services for import and export requirements by land, sea, air, rail or combined freight worldwide.

Qualified  |  We work with the highest standards and we have an ISO verification

Insured  |  All our transfers include legal liability insurance, covering $1.000.000 for any one incident or occurrence

Networking  |  Proud members of trusted organisations including IATA, WCA, ISO, FENEX and more

Worldwide  |  With multiple offices in Europe, India and HK China, we offer global freight know-how  

Our mission  |  A human-centred logistics company with global presence, providing the best-quality services supported by vast knowledge, excellent standards and flexibility.

Our vision
To become the top logistics partner that supports clients strategically across the globe and provides an exemplary work environment for our team.

Why us
Our greatest and most-valuable strength is our employees. With in-depth knowledge of all links in the logistics chain, we are always very close to you and your company in order to find smart solutions for your needs.

Marinair, your trusted forwarding partner
We care for your cargo.