A national provider of transport and logistics apprenticeship training is calling for the supply chain sector to map out a dedicated career path for young people coming into the industry.

David Cormack, strategic partnerships director at System Group, was speaking ahead of National Apprenticeship Week (5 – 9 March) after the recent supply chain advisory group meeting at the Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA).

He wants to showcase the best pathways for those coming into the sector and how the supply chain sector can fit into the career map for apprentices.

Echoing views that the industry struggles to ‘articulate’ the complexity of working in the logistics sector, David Cormack is calling for more identifiable career paths to recruit and secure future talent.

He says that National Apprenticeship Week is a timely opportunity to showcase the success of apprenticeships in the logistics sector and how they can culminate in a ‘fantastic’ career.

“Employers are calling for milestones to identify career paths,” added David Cormack, “and the logistics sector needs to respond with clarity, positivity and ambition.

“A career map for the supply chain sector would be welcome, laying out the opportunities on offer and securing future industry skills.

The move would be an ‘exciting’ first step in shaping the path for future generations coming into the logistics sector looking for rewarding careers, and added:

“Companies like System Group are delighted to be working in partnerships with employers and other sector organisations, driving apprenticeship programmes to realise this ambition.”

The first draft of a sector map is being produced by the supply chain advisory group, and according to David Cormack, sustaining momentum will be critical to securing its success.

He points to Express Delivery Trailblazer apprenticeships, which training providers such as System Group are looking at delivering, as a good blue print.

“These apprenticeships will support the needs of industry and commerce, equipping a new generation of people with the skills, professionalism and confidence to meet the needs of employers,” he said.

“They will provide the skills and behaviour that will guide future generations into the industry and support them through the challenges and adventures that a career in logistics offers.”

David Cormack also welcomes the new degree-level apprenticeship standard coming to the supply chain sector from mid-2018. This follows approval of Uniserve Group’s supply chain leadership framework by the Institute for Apprenticeships.

“Anything that contributes to bringing fresh talent into the sector and improving skills has to be seen as a good move, so the world’s first apprenticeship route to supply chain leadership roles, has to be welcomed,” he adds.