Since the Commonwealth Games in 2002, Manchester has grown in stature year on year, a growth which can be seen spread out all over the north of England. The term ‘Northern Powerhouse’ which Manchester remains firmly at the core, includes great industrial cities such Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle and Hull.

In fact, most of these cities are no more than a 2-hour drive away, which means logistically, Manchester is perfectly located as the transport and logistics hub for North.

The recent USD $1 billion investment into Manchester International Airport (MAN) by Manchester Airport Group (MAG) and Beijing Construction and Engineering Group (BCEG), will eventually create an estimated 16000 jobs – most of which are logistics based – during the 15-year plan.

The site, known locally as Airport City, has similarities to the recent success in nearby Salford of Media City, which now boasts the likes of BBC and ITV as the largest and most famous employers.

In fact, Airport City has already started to pay dividends with direct flights serving exciting cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Beijing and Cape Town, all attracted to Manchester as the only ‘non-stop’ service to the UK outside of London.

Amazon fulfilment started the ball rolling with an impressive 800,000 sq. ft. warehouse opening at the edge of Airport City in 2016, creating over 1000 permanent jobs within the first 3 years.

An estimated 22 million e-commerce clients can be served by this facility alone, which is even more staggering when you consider that Amazon then quickly opened another warehouse in nearby Trafford Park, followed with a third warehouse close by Warrington (2017) and a forth fulfilment centre planned for Bolton (2018).

With NNR being Amazon Fulfilment approved, or CARP accredited, we have never been in a better position to service the modern marketplace and adapt to the quickly changing business environment.

Manchester is synonymous with sport and with the explosion in popularity of football globally, both proud Manchester clubs can now claim to be in the top 5 of the world’s richest clubs (Deloitte 2018).

This would have seemed far-fetched to its southern London rivals not so long ago but is yet another strong indicator of the vibrant and booming Manchester economy, again aided by its rich international football tourists from every continent.

The well-publicised train link of HS2, which aims to reduce travel time between London and Manchester to only 2 hours, will link the capital to both the Airport and city centre (Piccadilly) stations with a completion date of 2032.

House prices are also expected by rise by 20% over the next 5 years, outstripping London as the fastest growing city in the UK, something you just need to visit Manchester to visualise the sheer scale and volume of growth.

Think cranes, sky-scrappers, rooftop terraces, cocktail bars, pop up worldwide cuisine outlets, artisan gin bars, IPA and craft beer only pubs, and you feel the vibe.

With so much investment, growth and development, anyone from outside the region can start to understand and appreciate the excitement and optimism this hard working and industrial city is offering the world. Lonely Planet named Manchester in the top 10 cities to visit in 2016, with the New York Times offering a handy -36 hours in Manchester’ read recently in December 2017.

So where does NNR Global Logistics fit into all of this? A successful relocation back to the Airport in 2018 offers a much-improved logistics platform which not is a strategically better location, but it also is beneficial to be able to tap into the local workforce pool.

The new location backs directly onto the airports’ main cargo handling facilities and is only a stone’s throw away from the local Chamber of Commerce with direct access to all major arteries.

The relocation will improve our airfreight product with quicker delivery and retrieval of cargo respectively – and locate us nearer to Manchester’s inland container terminals, both of which will reduce our carbon footprint.

NNR is a premium brand carrying all the necessary ‘high quality’ endorsements, including CAA Regulated Agent status, AEO approval and ISO9001 and 14001 qualifications.

NNR are delighted to serve both direct clients and fellow agents alike and the recent investment in the branch is already paying dividends with 2 new e-commerce focused importers visiting our new facility in January and committing to NNR for 2018.

John McBride, Manchester Branch Manager, NNR Global Logistics