A very critical shipment was required after the M/V Nicola, a Mediterranean cargo ship, had called the Malta Freeport for urgent assistance for its operational duty, requiring ship spare parts on board at the earliest time frame. The vessel only had around 20 hours of transit at Port for unloading and loading containers.

The spare parts were shipped on board a Lufthansa Aircraft which landed at Malta International Airport at 12:30h. At the cargo terminal, a dedicated truck arranged by WEL was waiting for the shipment’s arrival, for immediate release and delivery of the goods to Malta Freeport.
At the port, WEL had liaised with the ship’s Captain to use their crane to lift the heavy boxes from the deck and successfully loaded them on the vessel.

The delivery on board was completed by 15:00h, this made it a record time of 2.5 hours for WEL to clear the cargo from Cargo terminal, drive it to Port, pass the Port security procedures and deliver on vessel. Martin Fenech, Air Freight Executive at WEL and highly experienced with such time-critical shipments, handled this complex operation and assured on-site that everything was running smoothly and prevented any operational delays.

WEL is a local freight forwarder based in Malta and Member of the Connecta Airfreight Network.