Here at LV Shipping Heathrow, we act for a number of overseas Logistics companies  Globally, some which are extremely large others which are medium to large,  as their Heathrow representative. We are able to receive their consolidations or direct air freight consignments as well as our own routed cargo with them and often similar such cargoes from some of the other offices within the LV group, and clear the cargo on the airport and obtain the speediest of release of the goods in readiness for our further sorting/picking and packing, or direct delivery to the client whichever is required, but always with the minimum of delay. As time is money!

We pride ourselves in this modern age of electronic messaging of trying to act as an extension to the importers own shipping department and to put ourselves in the clients position to make certain that the service that we would expect ourselves, is what is delivered to the client.

On the flip side, our export air freight has become a considerably busier in the last five years or so, we have sought to offer the customers that little bit extra by way of making certain that their goods are received back at our facility and are checked for the inegrity of the cargo and to ensure that we can adhere to all the customers requests prior tom departure. Often we are re-palletising the customers work as they may not be sure of the ISPM requirement for a particular Country or even if the pallets require an additional wrapping to keep the goods intact throughout their journey, we carry out the operation, this may happen while the client is closed, but they will always be kept informed, throughout.

Our ability to flexibly mould ourselves to the clients exacting requirement has seen our air freight export business grow substiantially and we believe that this will continue, often the rate might be tight, but we have the ability to speak to airlines quickly to try and obtain something of a discount on their published rates.  As the carrier and the freight agent relationship are key to the success and future of the industry.

It is one of the reasons that we are presently finalising a new Lease arrangement with our Landlord and this will in part add to our long standing on the airport. As LV Shipping Ltd Heathrow as an approved Security listed agent with ISO approval and AEO Accredititation will see us in a good position beyond Brexit perhaps in 2020 (or at an even later date), as the relationship that is built now with HMRC the Airlines themselves and the ground handling agent in the intervening period, will no doubt position the air cargo community for the next decade and beyond.