The Road Haulage Association is dismayed that within 3 weeks of informing the sector responsible for delivering London’s economy, that the Ultra Low Emission Zone would be introduced 17 months ahead of schedule, Transport for London’s latest consultation, announced today is now looking to extend the Low Emission Zone London-wide from October 2020.

The current Low Emission Zone imposes charges of £200 per day on all lorries that do not meet Euro IV or above.  The new proposal will require all HGVs to be Euro VI, those that do not meet that standard will pay an extra 100 per day.

RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “This will just tax the haulage sector off the roads in London. The nation’s capital is heavily dependent on road transport operators; they keep London’s shops, restaurants, tourist attractions and of course hospitals stocked. This latest proposal will hit Londoners, and the millions of visitors it attracts every year very hard indeed.

Based on current vehicle fleet structure, operators of Euro V trucks will still be going strong until well after 2020. The increase to £300 per day for non-Euro VI is too much too soon.

We still do not have a decent scrappage scheme, and the Mayor and his plans are simply displacing air quality issues to other cities.

The RHA will be evaluating this further when TfL eventually provides the impact assessment later in the year.