Logistics Plus Inc., a leading worldwide provider of transportation, logistics and supply chain solutions, is proud to announce that its Logistics Plus Turkey division has successfully delivered 13 brewery tanks to a factory in downtown Izmir, Turkey. Dimensions for this project cargo were 9 units of 22.00m x 6.66m x 6.82m each 31 tons, and 4 units of 20.00m x 5.11m x 5.25m each 24 tons.

The project required significant engineering and precision involving 13 brewery tanks; 12 nights; 4 police cars; 4 escort cars; 2 bucket trucks; and a total of 42 people all in one convoy! Traffic lights, closed-circuit televisions, and tags on the route all had to be removed, and electricity had to be cut throughout the route for a safe transportation. The route was to a downtown location, so the movement required accurate planning across several divisions

“We had many sleepless nights for this operation, and it was one of the of biggest projects in recent memory for our Logistics Plus Turkey team,” said Bahadir Erdil, global project manager for Logistics Plus USA and managing director for Logistics Plus Turkey. “This was a tough and hard assignment, and so we’d like to thank all who contributed to the successful completion of this great project.”