Book aimed to help logisticians explore options and develop a road map for their careers.

Logistics Plus Inc., a leading worldwide provider of transportation, logistics and supply chain solutions, is proud to announce that is has partnered with John Wiley & Sons, publishers of the For Dummies® books series, and author Daniel Stanton, aka ‘Mr. Supply Chain,’ to present a new Logistics Careers Plus More For Dummies® book.

The logistics industry is critically important to both our national and global economies. More than 50 million people are employed worldwide in the logistics sector. Logistics and supply chain management is about seeing a business as an interconnected system. Logistics Careers Plus More For Dummies explains why pursuing a logistics career is an exciting and rewarding professional opportunity. This book starts by explaining what a supply chain is, and then shows how to plan and manage a career as a successful logistics professional. Whether you’re fresh out of high school, or pursuing a college degree, the logistics industry is always looking for professional interns, drivers, planners, specialists, programmers, managers, and leaders.

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