Rapidly growing vehicle delivery specialist Reliable Vehicle Logistics (RVL) has found that the visibility and control provided by the cloud-based vinDELIVER Office and driver mobile app has created competitive edge and delivered savings by expediting the transportation process.

A newcomer to the industry, RVL was established in 2017 by Lee Parkinson, who runs the business with operations manager, Melanie Bryan. Both have wide experience of the vehicle delivery sector, previously having worked for one of the major pan- European automotive logistics companies. Starting from scratch in August last year, RVL is already delivering more than 500 cars per quarter, based on its growing reputation for reliability, efficient customer service and competitive prices, says Melanie.

“The vehicle delivery marketplace is highly fragmented with some very large companies and many smaller players,” she explains. “At either end of the spectrum, reliability is a huge issue, with much sub-contracting and frankly some companies taking on work without being able to meet customers’ deadlines. Therefore, we perceived a gap in the market for a vehicle transportation provider offering a fast, efficient and competitively priced service that was 100% reliable.”

Before the company launched, the partners invested in the market-leading system from award-winning automotive logistics software specialists Car Delivery Network (CDN). vinDELIVER provides transport companies and their customers with real-time visibility, from collection and inspection of vehicles through to electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD).

“Lack of communication between transport companies and their drivers, drivers and transport company, and transport company and customer is the basis for many problems that arise in the industry,” Melanie says. “But vinDELIVER sets us apart, because we can instantly upload a job to the system, see what has been allocated and what still needs to be allocated against the resources we have available.

The system sends details to the driver’s tablet, so he or she sees the job instructions. They can upload pictures taken from all angles, so any pre-existing damage can be identified and recorded, then they load an ‘on the way’ status, which we see at base. The same applies at delivery end and as soon as we have a signature uploaded, we can automatically raise an invoice. This means we – and our customers – know exactly the status and progress of the delivery in real time, and we can send out invoices immediately, improving our cash flow and saving hours of manual inputting of data!”

As word spreads of RVL’s exceptional service, the company has continued to expand its customer base and its fleet.
“vinDELIVER and CDN have certainly contributed to our success,” Melanie concludes. “We’ve never waited any longer than 15 minutes for a response to request for support – CDN understands our industry and that’s reflected in the software; it keeps everyone informed, speeds up our processes and allows Lee and I to focus on our core business which is serving customers and pursuing sales.”

Wayne Pollock, co-founder and director of Car Delivery Network, comments: What makes me happy is seeing companies like RVL embrace leading cloud technology in order to grow fast, providing world class service and communications at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. At CDN we are proud of our heritage, which commenced in the UK and today remains the most functionally complete, low cost cloud platform for vehicle delivery companies world-wide.

Our [CDN] cloud platform supports carriers and their customers in the UK, US and China, and our volumes peak around 250,000 vehicles a month. Well over 3m vehicles are delivered each year using our ePOD system and we are pleased to be rolling out vinDELIVER”

Transport companies connected to the CDN using vinDELIVER to run their business provide motor dealers and other customers real-time visibility for all vehicle deliveries. Together, they form the largest network of quality transport/trade plate companies and drivers in the UK, delivering vehicles for manufacturers and dealerships using award winning software.