FedEx Corp. (FedEx), was honored with a special award this week at their 2nd Annual ISO Forum in Memphis, Tennessee. The award was presented by Lloyd’s Register (LR), a leading provider of professional assurance services, specializing in multiple management systems schemes and ISO standards. FedEx received the award for demonstrating quality leadership in the application of the ISO 9001 quality management system certification.

ISO is the international standard by which companies demonstrate the ability to consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements. In 1994, FedEx received ISO 9001 certification from LR, making it the first transportation company to receive worldwide ISO 9001 certification. FedEx has maintained their certification for over 25 years with LR.

“Lloyd’s Register takes great pride in making our clients’ quality goals and commitments our own,” said Cliff Muckleroy, Area Operations Manager for Lloyd’s Register in the Americas. “For more than 25 years, we’ve had the privilege of helping FedEx demonstrate to their customers that their global business processes remain customer focused, well-controlled and continuously improved. FedEx doesn’t just talk about quality, they live it every day. We’re honoured to recognize them for their dedication to quality and their long-standing partnership with LR,” added Muckleroy.

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Rebecca Yeung – Staff Vice President, Service Experience Leadership – FedEx Corporate; Gloria Boyland – Corporate Vice President, Operations & Service Support – FedEx Corporate; Dave Hadlet – Director of Business Development, Lloyd’s Register – N. America; Sameer Vachani – Vice President of Business Development, Lloyd’s Register – Americas