Liquid CONcept has been awarded the International Featured Standards Logistics certificate (IFS Logistics 2.1) once again by the vehicle inspection company DEKRA. This year, Liquid CONcept met 97.42 percent of the criteria required for the certificate, thereby achieving the top result. The quality standards applicable to the shipping of liquid foodstuffs have therefore been further increased. The IFS guarantees transparency all along the supply chain on the basis of a globally standardized evaluation system. Liquid CONcept meets the requirements for IBC logistics, food defense, loading and unloading, the storage and transportation of liquid foodstuffs, and quality management.


The IFS audit checklist comprises close to 100 examination points including the ISO 9001 requirements in the areas of quality management and risk and hygiene management on the basis of HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points). Upon a company being granted the certification, compliance with it is monitored annually by an accredited inspection body.


Compliance with the IFS standards and verification of this by independent bodies is very important to the liquid logistics company. The key factors when it comes to shipping and storing foodstuffs are product safety, quality, and transparency. The IFS Logistics certification applies to all modes of transport and all food products irrespective of the temperatures at which they are shipped.


“We used the findings of the last certification to further improve our service and offer our customers even greater reliability in the transportation of liquid foodstuffs,” says Eycke-Christian Dörre, Managing Director of Liquid CONcept GmbH & Co. KG.


The IFS Logistics standard guarantees that food risks are kept to a minimum. Greater transparency increases the customers’ confidence. The certificate serves as evidence of food safety and product liability thanks to the efficient checking of processes.