Social media is becoming more than just a status or a photo update. As we scroll through the black hole of social media, it’s easy to get caught in a thread of videos. However, using this form of interaction as a marketing tool could gain your business exposure to a wider audience. 

Here at FORWARDER we offer a video marketing service.
An example of our previous client work is our interview-based ‘Move it Like…’ videos, which are then shared on our company website, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages. Videos are a great way to incorporate multimedia forms of advertising, and are proving to be increasingly popular. Thinking of testing the waters? FORWARDER has put together some tips on how a promo video could benefit your marketing strategy.


LinkedIn is a great platform that merges both social media and professional networking in one place. LinkedIn users tend to be interested in business, whether it’s news, information and companies in the same work sector, peers’ updates…and recruiters also use the platform to head hunt candidates. Posting a video to LinkedIn for all of your connections and followers is a great place to start, as those in the business who are connected to you or your business’ profile page will be able to like, comment on and share your video. Should this happen, there is a good chance it will appear on their connections’ feed, meaning that your business could immediately gain a wider network base.

Be aware of your audience

When creating your video it’s important to consider your audience. For example, if you are promoting your company on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, or you have a wide audience who could be watching the video sat in a working office, perhaps it’s best to add elements that would make the video easier to watch, such as subtitles. Videos with subtitles do not necessarily require sound, so you are more likely to gain views from audiences throughout the entire day. Furthermore, if you are targeting B2B, consider posting your video between the standard working hours of 9am and 5pm, which will gain you the most exposure.

Keep your video concise

There’s nothing worse than a rambling video with no true purpose. Make sure your video is quick and concise and communicates exactly what you want it to. Whether it’s advertising your services, discussing your business or you’re making a call to action (CTA), always involve the viewer by making the video as relatable as possible. Any additional information can be added into the caption of the video.

Brand your video

Add your logo, insert your website details and maintain your brand theme throughout the video. It’s important to create a solid identity for your brand, especially when marketing your business (you can read all about how to create a brand identity on our website under our Marketing Focus section). Creating a brand for yourself is setting your business up for recognition. Like any of your marketing products, your brand should always be accurately and consistently placed.

Create as high quality content as possible

Video editing can be a tricky skill to master. Hollywood film and sound editors don’t get paid the big bucks for nothing! Following on from maintaining your professional branding, your video content should be as smooth and professional as possible. Record the video on a high-quality camera and edit the video with an aim to being smooth and simple. 

Interested in what a marketing video looks like? Take a look on our YouTube channel: search for ‘FORWARDER magazine.’

Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine