Liege Airport is the first Belgian airport to announce its readiness to accommodate for the distribution of sustainable aviation fuel to its airline-customers.

Liege Airport is proud and excited to confirm, as first Belgian airport, that its aviation fuel installations, as well as its fuelling staff, are ready to receive, store and distribute sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Throughout the last months, our fuel storage facilities have been audited and our fuel receipt, storage and distribution procedures have been reviewed to accommodate for the arrival of SAF.

At the same time, the NATO Pipeline System (CEPS) recently announced the news that it is ready to allow for the transport of sustainable aviation fuels as from January 1st, 2023 onwards. With the airport-owned and -operated fuel installations being connected to this pipeline network, any current and new fuel supplier has now the possibility to not only directly and physically discharge SAF via road tankers into our fuel installations, but also to inject larger quantities of SAF into one of the intake points of the European (Nato) Pipeline system (CEPS).

In parallel, we are also happy to share that several of our airline-customers confirmed having talks with suppliers to arrange for the procurement and use of SAF at our airport in the short and medium term.

We expect that the first cargo flight propelled by SAF will take off from Liege Airport very soon.

By facilitating customer-airlines to deliver sustainable aviation fuel for their aircraft at our airport, Liege Airport actively contributes to the transition towards sustainable aviation, and by doing so support meeting or even exceeding the EU-targets related to the use of SAF in the aviation industry in the years to come.

Source: will waters