LeShuttle Freight[1], the faster, safer, more reliable and low carbon way[2] to transport goods between the UK and continental Europe through the Channel Tunnel, is this month celebrating the first anniversary of its driver loyalty programme, Drivers Club. Launched by LeShuttle Freight in July 2023, it was created as a way to reward the people who actually use our freight service and make their journey an enjoyable experience: the drivers.

Since its launch, over 12,000 drivers have signed up to the programme, earning a total of over nine million points. The rewards in place have been chosen for the drivers themselves to be able to enjoy or share with friends or family. Drivers can redeem their accumulated points against rewards which include Bluetooth speakers, travel accessories, sports equipment, fragrances, headphones, and more. In total, over six and a half million of the nine million points collected have been redeemed.

Deborah Merrens, Chief Commercial Director at LeShuttle said: “We are incredibly proud to be celebrating the first year of our Drivers Club. We are always focused on catering to the needs of our customers – the hauliers and drivers – and wanted to create a programme which would reward the people who are using our service day in, day out. We have had a fantastic response from our community of drivers, with a recent satisfaction survey reporting over 95% of members are satisfied or very satisfied with Drivers Club, and 96% would recommend it to their colleagues[3]. We’re looking forward to more drivers signing up and to be able to enhance their experience too.”

Since 1994, more than 750 million tonnes of goods have been transported via the tunnel aboard one of the 15 Truck Shuttles. LeShuttle Freight is a vital link in the global supply chain and carries 25% of the goods exchanged between the UK and continental Europe thanks to the speed, ease and flexibility of its service with up to 6 departures per hour. At 800m long, each Truck Shuttle can carry up to 32 trucks for the 35-minute journey between Folkestone to Calais.

As a leader in increasing fluidity through innovation, LeShuttle Freight has introduced smart border solutions enabling smooth border crossings and a Driver Info web app to provide customised information such as departure and arrival times, club car number and customs status linked to a vehicle registration number to drivers. The tool is also used to communicate important safety instructions and operational procedures to ensure that drivers have a smooth experience at every step of their journey. It also enables access to the loyalty programme dedicated solely to drivers.

Source: LeShuttle Freight