The future’s not in Silicon Valley; it’s already here

The founder of SBS Worldwide and former DSV director Steve Walker is introducing new self-funding technology solutions that uncover massive supply chain savings for shippers and give forwarders the tools to win large business opportunities with recurring revenue streams and guaranteed profit margins.

Steve’s new venture SWG Global is already delivering significant savings to early adoptors. “Our first freight audit customers are identifying up to 30% error rates on historic invoices; revenue that is being clawed back, while the SWG tender management solution is uncovering freight budget savings of more than 20% in 2018.

SWG founder Steve Walker. “First and foremost SWG Global are freight forwarders, importers and experts in project management. We leverage decades of hands-on experience to scope our clients situation and work closely with the selected vendor to deliver optimum, self-funding solutions.”

“Cutting-edge solutions that correct the past, control the present and look into the future, which means that our customers can optimize global supply chain performance, eradicate errors and slash their freight budget.”

Former publishing executive and SWG partner Maureen Connors. “Having been on the receiving end of $250M annual savings, I have experienced first-hand the benefits of Steve’s technological innovations!”

Against the background noise of digitization and new-tech entrants forwarders need software solutions that add significant value for their customers and give them a true individual USP; something that adapts and provides ongoing support into the long term.

Steve Walker. “As a forwarder I recognize the challenge they face with digitization which is why SWG Global have created a USP for them. Unique e4PL solutions that get more value from their legacy systems while delivering exceptional reporting and control for their customers.”

“A completely new operating model that creates an environment where the forwarder can benefit from recurring revenues with agreed profit margins – leaving them free to gain new business on their core trade lanes.”

From finding the best rates and carriers, to automating invoice reconciliation and correcting historic errors, SWG Global deliver self-funding solutions that provide complete control and visibility of the most complex supply chains, while retaining an important place for forwarders and even consider the environment.