Dual temperature trailers are providing the versatility an air freight specialist needs for its £5.5 million expansion into port logistics.

Perishable Movements Ltd (PML) has specialised in moving perishable goods from Heathrow Airport since 2003. Last year the company invested £5.5m in a depot at Lympne in Kent to do the same for goods from Dover. PML ships perishable goods from Dover to a temperature-controlled warehouse, from which the company distributes them for last mile delivery. PML initially used sub-contractors for port freight but has acquired five Krone Cool Liner refrigerated trailers as it moves the work in house.

Martin Kopicki, Transport Manager for PML, said: “Our owners recognised that the new red tape from Brexit would create opportunities for freight specialists like us. We have decades of experience in air freight, so it made sense for us to offer the same high level of service for port logistics. Having the right trailers is therefore vital to our business model.”

Krone Cool Liners use a continuous chassis design which absorbs force during coupling, uncoupling, and docking. The tail is protected by a fender and two bumpers, while the rear door hinges are recessed to optimise the opening angle. Other features include a flexible, ceiling-mounted air duct to evenly distribute cold air, as well as a leak-proof floor tray and water-tight aluminium kick strip.

“We are running some single temperature trailers from Heathrow, as the loads are typically one product such as blueberries or blackberries,” added Martin. “We needed more flexibility for our port operations, and the Krone dual temperature trailers enable us to split loads, optimising our efficiency. The drivers like them because they are not as heavy as other trailers, which they prefer for return journeys, and the Krone trailers are also very easy to use.”

PML has an O-licence for up to 20 HGVs at Lympne and is currently taking delivery of 18 Iveco tractor units to run with its growing trailer fleet. The company took the Krone Cool Liners on contract hire from commercial trailer specialist Hireco. “Lympne represents a new venture for us and it is a growing entity,” said Martin. “Working with Hireco gives us the flexibility to scale up as we grow in line with demand.”

Krone trailers are manufactured in Germany, with Krone UK providing nationwide sales, parts and product support.  For further details, visit www.krone-trailer.com.