Krone has introduced a new container carrier trailer for the UK and Ireland and the first consignment has been taken by H B Commercial, the vehicle service, parts, rentals and sales group.

The new ‘Box Liner’ trailer is manufactured by Krone in Europe and HB Commercial have agreed to be a Krone service agent and replacement parts distributor for the East of England.

HB Commercial Managing Director Howard Brunt says,

“We are delighted to be given the opportunity to work as the service agent for Krone and with this new and exciting product we look forward to its success. The Krone Box Liner has been initially well accepted by our customers, reporting back that they are easy to operate and even with a 25-tonne container, drivers are reporting a very smooth slide.”

The Box Liner was designed with close involvement from the Krone UK sales team – primarily to ensure compatibility with the UK and Irish market. The sliding chassis is quickly and easily adjusted to carry any standard sized dry freight or tank container and its no-frills specification ensures easy and fast operation.

According to Krone’s UK Sales Manager Jason Chipchase, the new Box Liner combines features which have been tried and tested over several decades with the latest paint application process and cutting-edge telematics technology. The result, says Jason, is a no-nonsense specification built for loading flexibility, asset management control and a long working life.

As an additional extra, the Krone Telematics package enables HB Commercial and their customers to monitor tyre pressures, mileage records for maintenance intervals, empty running or reduced-load miles, braking system status and trailer location. Additionally, an automatic notification can be given to alert regarding ABS or EBS malfunctions and a further alert made to the customer if any remedial work has not been carried out within a given time frame.

“We bought some Krone curtainsiders in 2011, which were of a high standard and these new Box Liners are no exception: Premium quality paint finish and designed to cope with the rigours of tough, pick-up-and-drop container work.”

Howard stated this all fits with their company’s commercial plan and the container carrier rental sector is strong.

“We project steady growth over the coming decade and these latest trailers from Krone will certainly play a key part in our continued progress. Good service, good manufacturing quality and above all, good for our customers!”

From its four locations, in addition to vehicle rental, sales and parts supply, HB Commercial provides a comprehensive range of commercial transport and PSV vehicle support services including 24 hours assistance, accident repairs, tachograph data inspection, VOSA ATF work stations, refrigeration service, MOT preparation, roller brake testing, quay fuel services and vehicle washing.


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