The Alternative Pallet Company, creators of PALLITE®, are delighted to announce that Kite Packaging, one of the UK’s largest packaging distributors, has adopted the PALLITE® range into their portfolio of packaging supplies.

With over 6 sites around the UK, Kite Packaging has quickly grown since its foundation in 2001 and has quickly become a household name for many companies. Kite Packaging were looking for an alternative to wooden pallets and entered discussions with The Alternative Pallet Company – it was quickly agreed that the innovation behind the PALLITE® range fulfilled their requirements.

By understanding, identifying, and supply chain issues, the PALLITE® range from The Alternative Pallet Company is designed to eliminate day-to-day difficulties faced by manufacturers and shippers with their complete range of transit packaging, all made from paper and glue using honeycomb-cell technology.

Kite Packaging has adopted two products out of the PALLITE® range:

  • PALLITE® Pallet Feet
    • Two laminated ‘U’ profiles glued together to encase load-bearing tubes tubes. PALLITE® Pallet Feet can be manufactured to suit all standard pallet sizes and requirements. The Standard height being 120mm, 90mm wide and lengths to suit the application.
  • PALLITE® Pallets
    • The PALLITE® pallet, available in a range of configurations, is a honeycomb-board pallet made entirely out of paper and glue, with the capacity to hold a load of over 1.2tonne. As a strong, clean, light, and hygienic alternative to wood, ideal for export as well as the food, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

The complete PALLITE® range features: pallets, pallet boxes, layer boards, insulated pallet boxes and pallet feet, all available in bespoke and standard sizes.

Gavin Ashe, Managing Partner at Kite Packaging added, “Kite believes that the PALLITE® range offers our customers great opportunities for savings both, hard and soft, and offers a unique alternative to traditional timber and heavy duty composite packs.”