“This is our industry, our passion, our world.”

  • IELA, the International Exhibition Logistics Association, launched the campaign TOGETHER STRONG last March 5th both to celebrate and honour every single individual in the exhibition and event industry in this time of uncertainty, and to foster business in thousands of vertical industries all over the world. 
  • Coronavirus is affecting the exhibition industry globally with a high number of events being cancelled/postponed. It is our duty to serve the industry with our flexibility, competence and support.
  • The IELA network is supporting and working closely with organisers and venues, managing challenges and minimising impact, making all reschedules in 2020 happen

IELA passionately believes in the considerable social and economic power of face-to-face exhibitions and events and remains committed to the industry.  We know that the negative long-term effects of speculation, hype and overreaction will not only cause direct harm to this sector, but also have repercussions on our local communities and business as a whole. 

Hence IELA strongly supports the UFI & SISO campaign “This Show Is Open!” (https://www.supportingevents.org/) and is working with its membership on implementing the campaign logo to communicate about on-going events and trade shows, taking place worldwide during this particular time.

IELA believes that the exhibition and event industry is a truly global industry. Together with associations, organisers, venues and service providers etc, we can build the contingency network for the industry’s needs.

For this reason, IELA invites all event professionals to join the initiative TOGETHER STRONG!

Share a picture showing your united strength, as an individual or a small team, in support of our global industry.

The strength of the industry as a whole will trigger the smooth return to face-to-face action. Postponed shows are being rescheduled in the normally low season for exhibitions (June, July, August) and IELA Members are already getting prepared for this new challenge. The flexibility of logistics partners and their capacity to adapt to every challenging and unexpected situation make them a strong partner when it comes to rescheduled events.

Joint the Fight! Be a part of the contingency network.

Share your own picture of being strong on social media using #togetherstrong, together with #thisshowisopen if you are currently working for an on-going event.

In the meantime, IELA continues to monitor developments in the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and its impact on the industry.

IELA Resources Page : https://www.iela.org/news/iela-latest-news/news/news/detail/iela-resources-page-qa-about-the-coronavirus-covid-19.html