James Potts, Terminal Manager of Marine Repair Services-Container Maintenance Corporation (MRS-CMC) located in Wilmington, NC, has been honored as this year’s recipient of the Operations Professional of the Year Award by Signal Mutual, the largest self-insured group provider of Longshore benefits in the United States. Mr. Potts was presented with his award at the Signal Mutual General Meeting in New Orleans on January 17, 2024.

The Operations Professional of the Year Award recognizes individuals who demonstrate exceptional operational safety, strive to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses and hold themselves to the highest standards of safety in their operational responsibilities.

Mr. Potts began his career as a Reefer Supervisor with MRS-CMC in 2019 and was promoted to Terminal Manager in 2020, expanding on his role to take on additional responsibilities. In addition, he worked with a local community college to develop a post-secondary education program that covers all aspects of work at CMC to ensure that all employees receive training needed to have one of the safest, yet most productive workforces.

“This recognition is a testament to James’ personal commitment to safety. His continuous work ethic is worthy of imitation and speaks to the overall standard set by all those working at MRS-CMC,” said David Miller, Senior Director, MRS-CMC.