Ivanti Supply Chain today announced the addition of Rapid Voice to the Ivanti® Rapid Platform. With the complete Rapid Platform toolset, Ivanti enables its partners to leverage proven processes and technologies to speed the deployment of next-generation mobile devices within their customers’ supply chain and warehousing operations. The addition of Rapid Voice, leveraging Ivanti Speakeasy, helps these same organisations take their operations to the next level by delivering improved productivity and accuracy, while reducing training time.

“Modernising the warehouse is no easy task,” said Brandon Black, vice president and general manager, Supply Chain Business Unit, Ivanti. “Ensuring the same or higher levels of productivity during this transition period is of significant concern for warehousing and supply chain organisations, and for many, the move to Android or Windows 10 means starting over again. With the Ivanti Rapid Platform toolset, and Rapid Voice, our partners are able to help their customers migrate their existing mobile devices in a matter of minutes – all with technologies that are built for a lifetime and that have been proven to deliver ROI at scale.”

In addition to Rapid Voice, other key capabilities of Rapid Platform include:

  • Rapid Migration. Ivanti Velocity makes it easy for partners to deploy next-generation mobile devices by migrating existing telnet or web-based connections to Android and Windows 10, while maintaining a same or better user experience.
  • Rapid Modernisation. Enables partners to help their customers increase worker productivity by transforming green screens into an HTML experience that dramatically reduces or eliminates training time.
  • Rapid Web. Provides partners with the ability to rapidly migrate their customers’ SAP, Oracle or other telnet or web-based connections to the latest generation Android and Windows 10 rugged mobile computers using Ivanti Velocity.
  • Rapid Management. When partners leverage Ivanti Avalanche they are able to help their customers significantly reduce the time it takes to deploy mobile devices within the supply chain and warehouse – from days to minutes.

The complete Rapid Platform toolset is now available to Ivanti partners free of charge to help them enable their supply chain and warehousing customers to enhance the user experience by modernising, voice-enabling and managing assets. For more information, visithttps://rapid.ivanti.com.