Intermarine, LLC, a global leader in the transport of project, breakbulk and heavylift cargo, has just appointed VSH-United (Guyana) Inc., a Guyanese registered company, as Intermarine’s Commercial Representative in Guyana. Guyana National Industrial Corporation (GNIC) will remain as Port Agent.

Intermarine has worked with the VSH Group for more than 10 years on Intermarine’s regular liner service to Guyana and Suriname – and with VSH-United (Guyana) since their inception in 2015. The partnership with VSH Guyana strengthens Intermarine’s ability to address local customer service and commercial needs with face-to-face support and same time zone efficiency.

“Intermarine has been a strong supporter of the mining, oil and gas, and power sectors in Guyana for more than 20 years. We have close connections in the area and are well aware that the market in Guyana is rapidly changing,” said Richard Seeg, Intermarine Vice President – South America. “As we look back on our strong past performance in Guyana, we also look forward to positioning ourselves to service the Guyana of today – and prepare for the Guyana of the future.”

“We have worked with Intermarine for the last three years and look forward to this close partnership with Intermarine in the growing Guyanese market,” said Dwayne Scott, Manager of VSH-United (Guyana).